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Your Imelda web page is one of the funniest I have ever come across! Thanks for a great chuckle. My friends and I were wondering what this crazy lady was up to so I did a web search for her and found your page. Thanks again for the laugh. -- J., 8/17/97    
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"Great job! No living Filipino should ever forget that the country once had a First Lady with the character of Imelda Marcos." -- J.V.C., 12/18/97    
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"I grew up during the Marcos Era. Man, now I know why I'm all screwed up! The Father and Mother of the Country were INSANE! (to paraphrase from the Madam's brillant quote). She's her own twisted logic. Thanks for a great website." -- M., 12/26/97    
    I want to express my thanks to whoever authored this web page; I've been searching for touches of this saintly woman's wit for quite a long time. Just the other day I was looking at news on the net and thinking of Imelda (this is perhaps pretentious of me, but I feel that if I call her by her first name it brings Imelda and I closer together in love) when suddenly, like a flash connection with the Almighty, I saw a recent story on her, her bid for election, and the recent outragous accusations leveled against her. I read that Imelda, crawling on her knees, entered a church and begged the Lord for support. I know in my heart that God will grant her prayer and, in His wisdom, fuse with the people and allow her to be elected next President of the Phillippines. May the long line of illustrious Filipino statesmen bare witness. My country's president, the not unrepentant William Clinton, should take notice of this pious woman's example. Once again, Heil Imelda!" -- J.D., 2/9/98
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"Excellent work, Ben! I won't be surprised if the growing number of manhids (read: Marcos loyalists) here in soc.culture.filipino will freak out after reading your excellent web pages. But don't worry there are some of us here who are on your side!" -- M.L., 7/17/98    
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