"The Philippines: a country with some of the kindest, most beautiful people in the world turned into a cesspool by the greed of an overprivileged elite and an impoverished population. In the Philippines, everyone is scrapping over who will get money, as if all the money in the world was already in the Philippines. The behavior resulting from this cultural trait discourages the influx of foreign capital which could help make life better for all the citizens of RP. I myself would like to come to RP and spend the money (which I earn from working a few months per year here in the U.S.) However, ownership of land, uncertainties over the security of personal possessions, and the problems of dealing with government officials, who all seem to want money (bribes), are factors which discourage me from doing this.I get your point about Imelda being quite eccentric, but like most critics you fail to offer solutions. I am sure that you would like to see the problems of the Philippines being solved. Making fun of Imelda's buffoonery may be fun but what does it solve?" (11/17/96)    
    "I'm almost embarrassed to say that I come from Tacloban City, which as most Filipinos know is 'Imelda Country.' Oh well, if Marion Barry can get reelected Mayor of Washington D.C. after being convicted of drug possession, then Imelda can be elected congresswoman from Leyte!" (12/3/96)
"Well, Ben, since I sent my opinion to you back in November I have made an additional trip to the Philippines. My formerly Marxist opinion has been tempered since I have met additional people from other social strata than the poor. The problems of the Philippines are more complex than I had formerly assumed. Capitalism and materialism are now a part of Philippine culture and cannot be extricated. Pointing fingers at who is to blame for the problems now existent in the Philippines is part of the problem and not part of the solution. Of course everyone is scrapping for their share of what wealth exists there, because Western culture (which is slowly supplanting all indigenous cultures) encourages such behavior. Filipinos should not be held individually accountable (whether rich or poor) for seeking to conform to standards of Western behavior. The sins of the Marcoses have been widely publicized. Continued publicizing of their actions degrades world opinion of the Philippines and Filipinos. While your motivation is noble, in reality you are creating further detrimental publicity for the Philippines. Results should be of utmost importance when concerning oneself with improving the lives of Filipinos. I have decided to become an expatriate and live year round in the Philippines as soon as my obligations here in the U.S. are taken care of. While I appreciate your interest in publicizing my comments, I would prefer that you concentrate your efforts on more positive things... Perhaps publishing these comments in addition would be more equitable to Filipinos as well. My plans on ex-patriating require me to be non-political, regardless of my opinions. After all, I have no right to influence Philippine politics since I am not a Filipino. And after all, I am leaving the U.S. because I want a simple life...the kind of life I can't find here." (11/17/96)    
    "The 3,000 pairs of shoe is the least bad things to say about Imelda. How soon can we forget that Macoy and her rob the country blind! How about the several dozen laborers who died and got burried on tons of cement on buildings she build all over the phillipines. She lives in a fantasy world, with her fairy tale life......but let us not forget that for all the jewels, shoes and bank accounts she had, lies the sweat of all Filipinos she had forsaken!!!! Fuck you Imelda Fucking Marcos!!!" -- P.J.J., 1/8/98
"What a Lousy homepage And I dont think its a Filipino homepage it features The country's enemy" -- D., 1/28/98    
    "Well i don't think she even deserve to have a homepage... pwede siguro kung ka-category nila Beavis and Butthead... that would be more of justice... She's a Filipino but do you think we acknowldege her as one? Just an opinion ok" -- D., 1/30/98
"Since she intends to run for president do this mean we should anticipate her buying more shoes?" -- K.R. and G.R., 2/8/98    
    "I hope that Imelda Marcos will get jailed and punished. The money should be returned to the poor Filipino people. Some Filipinos are so stupid to vote for her, and become a Congresswoman after robbing the Filipino of dignity and wealth." -- D.F.C., 4/8/98
"Why doesnt somebody just take that cow out to the pasture? I am not offended by your web page, I am offended that noone has shot Imelda yet!" -- K., 4/28/98    
    "Now look what you've gone and done. Imelda has pulled out of the presidential race." -- J.J., 4/30/98
"Yeah she is just a wlaikgn menace, stealing money and spending it to satisfy her lust for consumer goods." -- Z., 5/22/98    
    "She said one time in an interview, 'Some are smarter than others...' My own input--Pain can grow. Can we "that" stupid that we totally forgotten the hardships we've encountered after the destruction of the Marcos' regime? I think not! Imelda should realize no matter how she cover-up or even have face lift--- the we, the Filipino masses can be smarter than her!!!!" -- P.E.D., 5/24/98
"In response to Imelda Marcos' Wits and Wisdom. She have lots of wits and no wisdom. Her husband is right, she talks too much. I will never vote for her. If she claim that she love the Filipinos, she doesn't have to run for any political office, all she have to do is to pay off the Philippine debt..." -- B.G., 10/16/98    
    "I was horrified to see all those clue-less, ignoramous dim-wits who cheered Imelda as she did an Evita impersonation during her birthday party. This display of moronic behavior only rivals those of the committee that bestowed the Dakilang Ina Award(or something like that) on Imelda! Magkano kaya ang ibinayad sa kanila? Or maybe they were given fried chicken dinners, perhaps? When I think about EDSA, I could only think of putting 3 people in front of a firing squad. Imelda, Bongbong and Enrile(the yellow-bellied chicken sh.. who is still scared of Imelda). Is there anything still that can be done to rectify this oversight? Sigh, is there really anything a common person can do?" -- L.B., 7/10/99
"She's mad: Will someone wake her up? please?" -- F.A., 8/26/99    
    "I'm a white boy, so I don't know all that much about Mrs. Marcos, but for her to have that much money and the Phillipines to still be poor......I don't know? She has all these shoes for herself, when she should be buying them for her people. If the people want to hate her....I guess you can't really blame them? Peace Out, Pinay's are beautiful!!!!!" -- O.K., 6/1/99
"Where are we going from here?: After all has been said and done....then what? The Marcoses are back..flaunting their wealth..indirectly taunting the Filipino people. They are back in power...what can I or we collectively do? Accept them 100% or fight them again. Is it really worth fighting them? IN their turf...or maybe some other way? I'm confused...what kind of specie do we really belong????? Instead of having them vanished from this earth, as what has happened to most of their equals..who were either burned or hanged by their people!!! Should they feel lucky nothing of the sort happened to them??? I was taught not to hate and not to kill....sometimes I ask myself...is this really the right thing to do???? Just sit back and see what happens next...wait for another insulting move by these very people who most of us claim did bad to the country and the Filipino People????? What do I tell my children....or maybe hide it from them...for if by telling them....a greater sense of anger might build up and just maybe they might think of doing something drastic.... Or should this happen in our time???...If so what can we do??? Hoping that some answers are available!!!!!! I do not want to HATE nor KILL!" -- J.J., 8/29/99    
    "Hi! Enjoyed reading your page on Imelda's quotable quotes. Heard about Imelda's award from the CCP recently? Well, call it as insensitive or as frivolous as the awardee herself, but hey - she did get that building erected back in '69, never mind where she stole the money - and the CCP was, well, as that oft repeated saying goes ... "nagtatanaw lang po ng utang na loob." But of all her projects, CCP remains as the showcase of Filipino culture. Cory and Fidel did not have much culture despite her youngest daughter and his wife foraying into movies and piano concerts respectively. Too bad Imelda's gloomy shadow will forever be cast on the CCP like a dark, heavy cloud. Not far from it is the decaying and ghostly Film Center of the Philippines. I remembered skipping class one afternoon during one of Imelda's Manila International Film Festivals (I think this was in 82 or 83, can't remember) in order to ogle or catch a glimpse of those international movie stars whose arrivals the Marcos-run papers were trumpeting daily. I never saw any, the presidential security guards made sure we were far from the party. They had this long red carpet running from the main entrance of the Film Center all the way down the long staircase, past the three giant fountains and the long courtyard, and ended just before the main road leading to where Boom Na Boom is now situated. Steel fences were lined around the main road to guard against a stampede. And on that road was where I stood, along with thousands of others. I asked myself why the long carpet when all the stars and important guests were comfortably driven up the Center's main entrance ramp in Rolls Royces? Just then, a long black limousine stopped in front of us, right where the red carpet began, and out came Imelda in a gorgeous emerald-green terno with peacock feathers extending from her waist down to the carpet. Imbedded on each feather's eye are what looked like tiny diamonds that glittered under the late afternoon sun. For a moment, I was again a Marcos baby, delighted with what I saw. Imelda's magic weaving itself on me in a dazzling array of light and beauty. Her perfume intoxicated me and I thought how beautiful she was, our First Lady. The Governor of the City of Man - as she used to call Manila. When she started walking by herself, alone and definitely the center of attention, I realize now how ingenious her public relations strategy was (and still is). Everyone was looking at her. The crowds screamed and shouted her name. The movie star guests, I found out later, were not at all amused. They could not enter the Film Center until Imelda reaches the entrance and cuts the ribbon. So they all stood there and waited as she slowly marched her way to them. Imelda had them all - had us all - where she wanted. We wanted to see a star and her reply was we need not look any farther. Not to be outdone, the rumored ghosts of the Film Center had better come up with their own award for Imelda pretty soon. Ciao! And more power to you! " -- E.C., 9/6/99
"god, when will she ever be run over by conscience? does anybody have a conscience to spare? quick somebody give her one before someone finally manages to sucessfully strangle her, and she dies. the devil just might be pissed off with her and sends her to heaven so he doesn't spend eternity with her. just think of the gigantic mass rally st. peter will have to deal with." -- M.P., 10/24/99    
    "Hindi ko alam kung bakit sinasayang mo ang valuable space sa server mo, by placing all these trash, Imelda does not deserve to be even mentioned in any publication, much more to be a star in your website. If I become a president I will ban the name Imelda and Ferdinand, to me it means rape to the highest degree. Gamitin mo lang ang server space mo for something more worthwhile for the Pilipino community around the world. Who the fuck cares of what she thinks and say, sabihin mo sa kanya na bayaran niya ang utang ng Pilipinas, sila ang maykagawaan kung bakit tayo sa baon sa utang. Who the hell is she fooling ? Anong investment sa metal? Bago sila umupo ang metal na sinasabi nilang investment eh 'tanso', kaya pag may kidlat, hindi makalabas ng bahay, sana tinamaan na ng kidlat noon, baka sakali pang may pagasa ang Pilipinas. Sa lahat nang mga padrino at supporters mo, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. " -- Isang Unggoy, 11/9/99
"MARCOS-ROMUALDEZ KLEPTOCRACY!!: As a Taclobanon now living in the US(Thanks to God), I am also ashamed to be known as a Taclobanon..but I am also proud to say that as a student in the early 70's we fought them..in the city and the countryside of Leyte. Some of our group were even victims of the infamous "San Juanico Torture" and the other terrible tortures done to students, workers and the farmers of Leyte. I guess what caused the infamous MIGs in Leyte to be brutal to us..was that we were from Imelda Country. Yes, there are still marcos Loyalist in Leyte, my sister is one them..she even voted for her as a Congresswoman...and her brother(Bejo) for City Mayor. The worst mistake that the People's Power Revolt of 1986, made..was to KEEP THE MARCOS-ROMUALDEZ FAMILY ALIVE. Maybe the ROMANIAN SOLUTION TO A DICTATORSHIP, SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED...LINE THEM UP IN A WALL ..AND SPRAY THEM WITH 5.56mm bullets.. We the , the so called MARTIAL LAW VICTIMS, now living in the US..an informal group of former detainees, torture victims are all waiting for her in the US(we read in the news she is coming)..LET HER COME OR MAYBE WE WILL GO BACK TO OUR HOME ..THE PHILIPPINES AND HELP GET RID OF THESE KLEPTOCRATIC FAMILY.. " -- K., 11/18/99    
    "The Logic Behind Madam: Imelda Marcos shoudnot be punished. Imelda Marcos should not be hated nor sneered nor be talked about as the devil. I have often wondered why the Filipino people even pay attention to her. Do you pay much attention to the lonely, deprived person sitting by the flyover shouting out curses to nobody and everybody? Really, if Imelda Marcos believes what she is saying, she is more a lunatic than an overly evil person. And lunatics belong to the hospital, not the jail. Lunatics deserve our pity, if not our help. And of all her facesaving and even blasphemous remarks, let us not mind them or even pay them heed. The lunatic will never see his lunacy, for he will believe he is the sanest of us all. " -- H.K., 3/27/99
"One of the great site in the net. Ever before I'm always wondering why there's a lot of people hate the MADAME, if we tried to look back and analyzing the country's situation from the Dictator, Cory era, Ramos era, and Estrada.... where part of the Era the Philippines has greater heights.... precisely and exactly it was during Marcos Regime... I'm not pro Marcos, I just want to open the mind of many others that was being blinded by black propaganda against the Marcoses... I'm not Anti-Cory but who's become richer and richer... it was Cojuangco and Aquino families.... and so on with Ramos, though he's a good one but he can't surpass what Marcos accomplishments has been achieved. About Estrada... give him more time to do his job (no comments for now) Its good to hear that u have this kind of feature with your website at least people can now express their feelings and opinion... " -- A.T., 4/3/99