"Despite everything said and published about Imelda, I still believe that she gave class to the Philippines, especially her heritage and history. Others of her time may judge her bitterly, but I still respect and admire her for all the things she did for our country. I can't find words to express my hatred against her if I have one. But then I have none. Let us give this woman a special place in our hearts, a place only reserved for those we respect." --- L.L.L., 2/13/97    
    "I left the Philippines barely two days before martial law. But my leaving the country had nothing to do with what was to happen thereafter. Would you think that people like us should judge Imelda and Ferdinand not through the eyes of those who oppose them, but through those who saw the good things they did to our country." -- L.L.L., 2/23/97
"Nice thing to do about Mrs. Marcos...... well, i don't want to sound rude and pro-marcos and all because all of em are quoted, but how I wish you'd have the chance to be in even one of Imelda's many shoes.....maybe by that time you'd know that you're still hurt, always hurt..because you WILL NEVER BE as powerful as Imelda Marcos." -- B., 1/30/98    
    "i don't like her...nor love her...nor hate her... but one thing is for sure...she's a survivor..whether you like her or not.. she just couldn't be ignored!!! and laughing all the way to the bank..." -- D.M., 1/30/98
"I hate what filipino people do to the Marcoses! Yes ! I'm a filipino in heart but the anger within me rises every time they say Pres. Marcos was a dictator or they corrupt the Philippine government. It's really stupid of so many filipino to rely on lies. I love Philippines when I'm growing up when the Marcoses still in power. It's much nicer to live not like when Cory "kurakot " was the President nor Ramos. I don't consider them President. I'm sorry to say that . I know the Marcoses so well that's why God knows why I depend them all the time. Eventhough I'm american citizen now through marriage my heart belongs to the old Philippines. Thank you for giving me chance to voice out my feelings." -- A.M., 5/27/98    
    "I'm happy to see that someone who tried hard to bring culture and international prestige to the Philippeans has be recognized on the web. The fact that Ms.Marcos had numerous pairs of shoes does not make her a demon of sorts. She left Manila with a much greater sense of style and prominence than it had before she became first lady." -- A.K., 7/27/99