"I think after what you and your family did to the Filipinos, you have no fricking rights here in the cyber space." -- E.L.N., 4/25/97    
    "You got a great unique looking style to your page, but what's up with you being an Imelda Marcos fan???? She's smart yet devious and deceptive. Sure, her words are great, but take a look at her actions and the current state of the Philippines. It doesn't take a genius to know that she's just and always will be bad news." -- I., 6/28/97
"Wit and wisdom of Imelda Marcos?!?!?! WIT AND WISDOM OF IMELDA MARCOS?!?!?!!? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!! Harharharharharharharharharharharharharhar-harharharharharharharharharharharhar !!!! Well, I gotta give the lady some credit. I mean, she did fool people like you, didn't she? Fortunately for our country, there are some intelligent people who know the truth about what she and her husband subjected our people to. I pity you for not seeing it. It must be one of two things: You're too stupid to know, or you're too rich to be affected by it. Or it could be both. Hope you wake up soon, Kabayan." -- L.R., 10/2/97    
    "Hi. I guess you made me feel sheepish. I haven't looked at your site yet to see the dictionary again, but i just wanted to apologize for my little outburst. It was late at night when I read your page and just I had a bad day and I was sleepy. To see an Imelda Marcos page (ironic or not) was just too much for my little peabrain to manage. Do hope you aren't mad at me. Peace? :-)" -- L. R., 10/5/97
"How can anyone pay tribute to a family or person that has sent the Philippines behind 50 years. They were bad people, bad for the country, and need to maintain their place in history as such. If you truly believe that the Marcos are good people, I will never understand your view." --K.T., 2/9/98    
    "Well you got me. I was so enraged to think someone would actually pay tribute to the Imelda and her family, I went off on a tangent without reading all the content. Yes, you should continue this theme on your website and try to promote it in the Philippines if possible. Unfortunately your message cannot be heard by all Filipinos. For example, my in-laws who do not even have electricity. It is a tragedy what they have done, several generations lost, and a nation struggling to compete in a global economy. It disgusts me to see people in the Philippines support and honor her. It is a sad state of being. All that can be done is to forget the past and look forward the future. Although realistically speaking, we will not see a prosperous Philippines in our lifetime... Thank you and keep up the good work.." -- K.T., 2/9/98
"Actually, this is not a hate mail or something. I just find the entire thing really, really funny because not a single quote from Imelda seems to make any sense. I mean it seems like they are just a bunch of words put together without any sense." -- B.C., 3/29/98    
    " I think that anyone who would solicit hate mail against another person is very sick. You are worse than Imelda Marcos could ever be." -- J.J., 4/27/98
"I apologize. I guess I took the wrong meaning when I saw 'Hate Mail'. It seems that Imelda leaves herself open to such mail, but doing so puts one on the level of the 'skinheads'. Again, I apologize for putting you in that category." -- J.J., 4/27/98    
"Imelda Crap: Eat your shit & die!!! shut your hole!!!!" -- H.H., 2/19/00    
    " Stupid: whoever you are, eat shit!" -- P., 5/9/00