the greatest pinoy singles of all time

Not since the seventies has Original Pilipino Music experienced such variety and vitality as it is experiencing now. New bands are sprouting up everywhere, and local singles are finally breaking the grip of American Top 40 music on the radio airwaves.

The last few years, however, reflect an even longer legacy of groundbreaking Filipino recorded music. This online survey is an attempt to form, well, a pretty subjective list of the greatest Pinoy music singles of all time.

No distinctions are made between "personal favorites" or "most influential/important" singles; ikaw ang bahala! You can list down any Pinoy songs or artists you want: Anthony Castelo's "Kastilyong Buhangin," Ric Segreto's "Kahit Konting Pagtingin," Asin's "Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran," Celeste Legaspi's "Mamang Sorbetero," G.I. and the Idiots' "Charged," Charing's "Badaf" -- anything belongs. Feel free to list as many as you can.

But please don't keep voting for the same song over and over, using different (but similar-sounding) names (but sometimes the exact same comments) each time. Of course, I have no way of actually knowing that, but it's not only silly, it's also tiresome.

I will tabulate the results every week or so, and post some of your select comments alongside the choices. (Thanks to Boyong Valencia for inadvertently suggesting this survey.)

The List So Far

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